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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

247Security Scores TOUCHDOWN at NAPT Conference

Alpharetta, GA – 247Security scores Touchdown at NAPT Conference in Portland, OR
247Security at the NAPT National Conference in Portland, Oregon, recently launched ‘Touchdown’ , a comprehensive video management solution that provides the user with a single interface accessing video, GPS and G Force data in a comprehensive but easy to use package.
Touchdown brings all your video and GPS data to your desktop. Video clips, automatically generated, or requested by you and GPS data giving you speed, path, stops, idling and more, come to you automatically, without recurring fees. You also receive a constant update on the health of your video system. You can manage the DVR from your desk, changing settings, updating software. You never have to go to the bus. Video, GPS and G-Force information across your entire fleet rolled up into one package at an unbelievably low price.
Rick Oram, Director of Engineering for 247Security, describes Touchdown as the ultimate time and money saving video management solution. Oram states, ‘managing your entire video and GPS program from the comfort of your office is an enormous time saver for fleet operators. Video as a management tool comes alive when combined with the robust GPS tracking report generator incorporated into the Touchdown command center. Add our ‘Health Check’, the ability for all DVR’s to report on their operating status before the bus leaves the yard and you have a very complete package’
Unique to Touchdown is the ability for the operator to ‘pull’ video clips from the bus. Events marked by the driver are automatically uploaded but the ability to pull any video requested is very powerful when reviewing everyday operating issues.
247Security’s MiniTrack, the GPS program offered stand alone or incorporated in Touchdown, is now a comprehensive fleet tracking solution that analyses the past activity of a bus, group of buses or the entire fleet offering many analytical tools valuable for route and driver evaluation. This tracking data is also seamlessly linked to video allowing you to ‘see’ what actually happened!
Touchdown is compatible with all 247Security DVR models and is available to existing 247Security customers at a very effective price. For a demonstration of what Touchdown can do for you, go to www.247securityinc.com.