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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Press Release - New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission Approves Mobile Digital Video Supplier

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Date: June 17, 2010
Contact: Robert Scott

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Press release - New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission approves new mobile digital video supplier

Alpharetta, GA – Video cameras in the New York City livery market are now being supplied by a national leading mobile video supplier. 247Security Inc of Alpharetta, Georgia has been approved as a vendor, supplying camera systems to the 40,000 car livery market in New York City.
247Security Inc was selected by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission as a qualified vendor after a rigorous qualification process. 247Security first entered the ‘for hire’ car market in Toronto, Ontario filling a need for full motion, high capacity video systems on parataxis vans. From this experience, 247Security was asked to present a solution to the NY commission. The focus for New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is security of passengers and drivers through a strong video file encryption and protection protocol. 247Security’s three level file protection methodology was the primary motive for 247Security Inc’s approval.

Robert Scott, VP sales & Marketing for 247Security Inc stated, ‘Our acceptance into the New York City market is a strong endorsement of our company’s capacity for supplying dependable and innovative solutions for the mobile video market. Securing the privacy of both drivers and passengers is of prime concern for the New York commission and our TVS series of video recorders, with a combination of software encryption and electronic security keys, ensures that only appropriate authorities can view video files. These important security features combined with a rapid file download ability sets us apart in the taxi and livery markets.’

247Security, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of mobile digital video recording equipment, security cameras and GPS data management applications. Our mission is to provide elegantly simple solutions designed for pupil transportation, public transit, law enforcement and taxi/livery markets. Visit http://www.247securityinc.com/movie for a quick video about 247Security, Inc.

National Standards Meetings May-2010

Warrensburg, MO: Attending the National Congress on School Transportation is a very interesting trip. Held in Warrensburg, MO every five years, state officials discuss the rules and regulations used to oversee the industry and recommend changes, improvements and advancements. Of course, 247Security’s interest focuses on any discussion involving the use of video or vehicle tracking and reporting. And we were not disappointed!

On Tuesday, the congress address new wording involving the use of ‘emerging’ technologies. Both GPS and video solutions are still viewed in this category of ‘emerging’ and so they were focal points for discussion. In particular, the use of technology to view into a bus, ‘real time’ in the event of an emergency was addressed as something the industry might consider as a good security enhancement. The discussion was interesting in that it is not generally understood that this capability exists today. Credit goes to the Georgia delegation for seeking out clarification from the floor, assisting in having this item include in new wording.

Wireless applications for video management are coming into play in the school bus, law enforcement and transit sectors. Understanding what wireless actually means is important as we consider uses applicable within our operations. The transfer of recorded video from the vehicle to a computer or server in an office is one application of wireless. Another potential is using a wireless application to view, real time, into a bus from another vehicle or other location.

Wireless transfer of recorded video from the bus: Picture your yard at the end of the day or shift, many vehicles coming and going, all of them with video on board that you may want to see. Now, see your dispatch sitting in front of a computer screen with tools that allow them to 1) receive video clips automatically that have been ‘marked’ by drivers, 2) request video from many buses, video clips that have been requested based on observations or complaints from passengers or others impacted by operations, 3) automatically receive GPS tracking data that provides a broad array of operating information, available through a powerful, yet simple report generator that allows you to review the activity of a vehicle (or group of vehicles) in a map or table format.

Wirelessly view into a vehicle real time: Picture your field supervisor or law enforcement called to a vehicle’s location with a report of a serious development on board. Now watch as the supervisor, from their vehicle computer, takes control of the bus’ digital video recorder and gains access to a live view of the interior of the bus. Similar to the video solutions used within many school buildings today, activity can be observed as an event is taking place.

Technology develops fast and it is hard to keep up, but all that is described above can be done now and done affordably. 247Security is installing these solutions today in many school bus and transit operations. Wireless video management coupled with the collection of GPS tracking data are becoming assets, within a fleet operation, that enhance operations efficiency and save money.

When staff can access video and GPS data from the same system, without going to the bus, this valuable information can be used more efficiently. Time is saved in collecting the data wirelessly; time that can be used doing other things. Having the video at your fingertips, allows for more time making the information work for you, as opposed to the other way around!!

Wireless video management is here now!


(Rob Scott is VP of Sales and Marketing for 247Security Inc and a life time player in the transportation industry.)