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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Images from NAPT Summit 2010

247Security's Rick Oram, presenting our TouchDown Fleet Video & Data Management System.
Dedicated industry professionals are honored during the annual NAPT awards banquet, while sessions cover such topics as bullying and managing students with emotional disorders. The trade show features new products from many companies.
[Click Here to See the Full Photo Gallery, at School Bus Fleet.com]

247Security thanks you for your support at NAPT 2010!

NAPT delegates recently had a firsthand view of TouchDown™ by 247Security at the 2010 conference in Portland, OR.  Several delegates also left the demonstrations a bit richer with a brand new iPod Touch! We`d like to thank everyone for their support and congratulate the lucky winners!

David R. Asula 

  Pete Brockmann
 Mark VanRiper

  Robert Duncan

 Ellen Johnson
Rehana Nelson
Don Stull

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

247Security Scores TOUCHDOWN at NAPT Conference

Alpharetta, GA – 247Security scores Touchdown at NAPT Conference in Portland, OR
247Security at the NAPT National Conference in Portland, Oregon, recently launched ‘Touchdown’ , a comprehensive video management solution that provides the user with a single interface accessing video, GPS and G Force data in a comprehensive but easy to use package.
Touchdown brings all your video and GPS data to your desktop. Video clips, automatically generated, or requested by you and GPS data giving you speed, path, stops, idling and more, come to you automatically, without recurring fees. You also receive a constant update on the health of your video system. You can manage the DVR from your desk, changing settings, updating software. You never have to go to the bus. Video, GPS and G-Force information across your entire fleet rolled up into one package at an unbelievably low price.
Rick Oram, Director of Engineering for 247Security, describes Touchdown as the ultimate time and money saving video management solution. Oram states, ‘managing your entire video and GPS program from the comfort of your office is an enormous time saver for fleet operators. Video as a management tool comes alive when combined with the robust GPS tracking report generator incorporated into the Touchdown command center. Add our ‘Health Check’, the ability for all DVR’s to report on their operating status before the bus leaves the yard and you have a very complete package’
Unique to Touchdown is the ability for the operator to ‘pull’ video clips from the bus. Events marked by the driver are automatically uploaded but the ability to pull any video requested is very powerful when reviewing everyday operating issues.
247Security’s MiniTrack, the GPS program offered stand alone or incorporated in Touchdown, is now a comprehensive fleet tracking solution that analyses the past activity of a bus, group of buses or the entire fleet offering many analytical tools valuable for route and driver evaluation. This tracking data is also seamlessly linked to video allowing you to ‘see’ what actually happened!
Touchdown is compatible with all 247Security DVR models and is available to existing 247Security customers at a very effective price. For a demonstration of what Touchdown can do for you, go to www.247securityinc.com.

Friday, August 20, 2010

"247Security Helps With Evacuation Education AT STN Conference Reno, NV"

247Security Helps With Evacuation Education AT STN Conference
Reno, NV July,2010

Lessons to Learn When Evacuating Students with Disabilities and Head Start Children

Evacuating a school bus is something no driver ever looks forward to but needs to be prepared for if the need arises. Monday, July 26th at the STN conference in Reno, NV, delegates were offered a first-hand look at what it is really like to deal with such an emergency.

Charlie Kennington opens the session with 247Security's DVRViewer in the background.

One Hundred and seventy delegates watched as a live evacuation was carried out. The session, hosted by Charley Kennington of Innovative Transportation Solutions and led by Denny Couglin, an industry expert in dealing with smoke and fire offered a sobering view of how smoke makes evacuation difficult when every second counts. The general rule of thumb is that you have two minutes to evacuate a bus. Add the complexity of small children in restraints with students in wheelchairs and SMOKE and you have the scene set for the demonstration that ensued.
Two buses, equipped with 247Security video systems were filled with smoke and volunteers demonstrated the challenge of taking students off a bus safety under very stressful and life threatening conditions. The video cameras showed the audience just how difficult it is to see in a smoke filled environment. Using 247Security’s proprietary infrared cameras, while visibility was reduced to near zero, the audience could see the activity inside the bus as students were ‘cut’ out of harnesses and carried from wheel chairs to safety a distance from the bus.

247Security video system cuts through the smoke to give audience a view of the evacuation.

Denny Coglin who has many years of experience training school bus drivers, attendants and firemen how to deal with smoke and fire on a bus, provided some very enlightening facts about the influence of smoke and fire on an accident scene. Coglin talked about smoke as the real enemy and the realities of the need to move fast knowing that smoke will overcome a healthy person within seconds.
247Security’s Director of Engineering Rick Oram oversaw the setup of the video network used for the demonstration. Using 247’s newest wireless network, he was able to provide a real time view of the demonstration, inside and outside the bus. Rick stated, ‘This was a great place for us to show how our wireless system works. I was excited to see how our cameras performed with the introduction of smoke and very pleased with the outcome. Being able to capture video inside the bus wirelessly is something our customers have wanted for some time and today we got a chance to provide them a first- hand look at what we can do.’

247Security wants to thank all who participated in the event, particularly Charley Kennington, Denny Coughlin, Cheryl Wolf, Susan Hunt and Jean Zimmerman.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Press Release - New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission Approves Mobile Digital Video Supplier

4400 North Point Parkway, #158
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

Date: June 17, 2010
Contact: Robert Scott

404 556 0617


Press release - New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission approves new mobile digital video supplier

Alpharetta, GA – Video cameras in the New York City livery market are now being supplied by a national leading mobile video supplier. 247Security Inc of Alpharetta, Georgia has been approved as a vendor, supplying camera systems to the 40,000 car livery market in New York City.
247Security Inc was selected by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission as a qualified vendor after a rigorous qualification process. 247Security first entered the ‘for hire’ car market in Toronto, Ontario filling a need for full motion, high capacity video systems on parataxis vans. From this experience, 247Security was asked to present a solution to the NY commission. The focus for New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is security of passengers and drivers through a strong video file encryption and protection protocol. 247Security’s three level file protection methodology was the primary motive for 247Security Inc’s approval.

Robert Scott, VP sales & Marketing for 247Security Inc stated, ‘Our acceptance into the New York City market is a strong endorsement of our company’s capacity for supplying dependable and innovative solutions for the mobile video market. Securing the privacy of both drivers and passengers is of prime concern for the New York commission and our TVS series of video recorders, with a combination of software encryption and electronic security keys, ensures that only appropriate authorities can view video files. These important security features combined with a rapid file download ability sets us apart in the taxi and livery markets.’

247Security, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of mobile digital video recording equipment, security cameras and GPS data management applications. Our mission is to provide elegantly simple solutions designed for pupil transportation, public transit, law enforcement and taxi/livery markets. Visit http://www.247securityinc.com/movie for a quick video about 247Security, Inc.

National Standards Meetings May-2010

Warrensburg, MO: Attending the National Congress on School Transportation is a very interesting trip. Held in Warrensburg, MO every five years, state officials discuss the rules and regulations used to oversee the industry and recommend changes, improvements and advancements. Of course, 247Security’s interest focuses on any discussion involving the use of video or vehicle tracking and reporting. And we were not disappointed!

On Tuesday, the congress address new wording involving the use of ‘emerging’ technologies. Both GPS and video solutions are still viewed in this category of ‘emerging’ and so they were focal points for discussion. In particular, the use of technology to view into a bus, ‘real time’ in the event of an emergency was addressed as something the industry might consider as a good security enhancement. The discussion was interesting in that it is not generally understood that this capability exists today. Credit goes to the Georgia delegation for seeking out clarification from the floor, assisting in having this item include in new wording.

Wireless applications for video management are coming into play in the school bus, law enforcement and transit sectors. Understanding what wireless actually means is important as we consider uses applicable within our operations. The transfer of recorded video from the vehicle to a computer or server in an office is one application of wireless. Another potential is using a wireless application to view, real time, into a bus from another vehicle or other location.

Wireless transfer of recorded video from the bus: Picture your yard at the end of the day or shift, many vehicles coming and going, all of them with video on board that you may want to see. Now, see your dispatch sitting in front of a computer screen with tools that allow them to 1) receive video clips automatically that have been ‘marked’ by drivers, 2) request video from many buses, video clips that have been requested based on observations or complaints from passengers or others impacted by operations, 3) automatically receive GPS tracking data that provides a broad array of operating information, available through a powerful, yet simple report generator that allows you to review the activity of a vehicle (or group of vehicles) in a map or table format.

Wirelessly view into a vehicle real time: Picture your field supervisor or law enforcement called to a vehicle’s location with a report of a serious development on board. Now watch as the supervisor, from their vehicle computer, takes control of the bus’ digital video recorder and gains access to a live view of the interior of the bus. Similar to the video solutions used within many school buildings today, activity can be observed as an event is taking place.

Technology develops fast and it is hard to keep up, but all that is described above can be done now and done affordably. 247Security is installing these solutions today in many school bus and transit operations. Wireless video management coupled with the collection of GPS tracking data are becoming assets, within a fleet operation, that enhance operations efficiency and save money.

When staff can access video and GPS data from the same system, without going to the bus, this valuable information can be used more efficiently. Time is saved in collecting the data wirelessly; time that can be used doing other things. Having the video at your fingertips, allows for more time making the information work for you, as opposed to the other way around!!

Wireless video management is here now!


(Rob Scott is VP of Sales and Marketing for 247Security Inc and a life time player in the transportation industry.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"247Security’s New 818E, Eight-Channel Transit DVR is ready to help with your FTA upgrades! "

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that $775 million in federal funds is being made available to the nation’s transit providers to upgrade their bus systems.

“The FTA is addressing the challenge of bringing our nation’s transit systems into a state of good repair head-on,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “These funds will get us started, but we still have a long way to go.”

Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff made the announcement on Sunday in an address during the general session of the American Public Transportation Association’s Bus and Paratransit Conference in Cleveland.

"Well maintained, clean and reliable buses make a world of difference to the millions of Americans who use transit every day," Administrator Rogoff said. "The Obama Administration is making these funds available to ensure that financially strapped transit providers can keep buses rolling and serving the public during these difficult economic times.”

For Full article at Metro Magazine, please click HERE.

"PSD: Too many vehicles overtaking buses"

It’s state law that when a school bus stops, traffic stops, too, but some motorists are not following the law, according to the Paragould School District.

Richard Shelby, assistant superintendent, said the school is observing motorists passing stopped school buses on a near daily basis.

“In the Baldwin school area it’s just become blatant,” Shelby said. “Something’s got to be done before someone gets hurt.”

In 2009, 26 children were killed getting on or off a school bus, or while waiting at the school bus stop. During the past 10 years, about 29 children were killed in school bus-related pedestrian accidents when they were struck while getting on or off a school bus, according to the School Bus Information Clearinghouse.

The district is turning to the latest technology in an effort to clamp down on illegal bus passing. 247Security Inc.’s 51X Series Digital Video Recorder records digital video of the interior and exterior of the bus and a rear-mounted camera captures a picture of a vehicle’s license plate as it passes a stopped bus.

“We’re not interested in catching people speeding. This is all about prevention,” Shelby said. “We’re required by law to turn them in.”

The district has about 30 buses with three to five cameras on each. Not every bus has a rear-mounted camera, which is being added as needed, Shelby said.

Paragould police said at least six affidavits provided by the Paragould School District have been sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office for issuance of a warrant. However, because an officer did not witness the violation, alleged offenders would not be arrested but would receive a district court date.

Passing a stationary school bus is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $200 and not more than $1,000 and up to 90 days confinement in the county jail, according to Arkansas code.

Rob Scott is 247Security’s vice president of marketing and sales. He said the external camera was developed with the express desire to record stop-arm runners. Scott cited a New York School District study that found there was one illegal drive-by per day for each of the 50,000 school buses operating in that district.

“It’s very dangerous of course,” he said.

The system has been available for about five years, but Arkansas is the first state to pilot a program installing the system on the bus fleets of about 40 districts, he said.

“The focus of the pilot program was to see if the state could curb incidences of stop arm runners. I think it’s a tribute to your people at the state department,” Scott said. “It’s the most aggressive program in the nation that I am aware of.”

The main product, a digital video recorder, has the capacity for up to four cameras. Scott said a global positioning device (GPS) tracks the vehicle and records basic operating information such as speed, breaking, idling time and stop time and pairs that information with the time and location it was recorded.

Shelby said the data will assist the school initially in backing up claims of stop-arm running and answering complaints about when and where a bus was on a certain day. Eventually, Shelby said the data could help the district improve efficiency on its bus routes.

Original Article: "PSD: Too many vehicles overtaking buses | District goes hi-tech in effort to curb offenses" By John Griffith, Paragould Daily Press, Published: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:12 PM CDT
Original Article can be found by clicking HERE.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Free Training Program: Danger Zones"

The School Bus Safety Company and 247Security Inc. have partnered up to provide to any school district, a free copy of the Danger Zone driver training program.

The program consists of a really effective 20 minute DVD, a trainer's guide and a driver's handout. Please click HERE to place your order through our partner’s website. Once ordered, you will receive the DVD in a few days.

Please share this program with your drivers so they can learn how to prevent Danger Zone accidents.
Together, we can reverse the trend of increasing fatalities and make the kids safer.

To order your copy of the Danger Zones DVD, courtesy of 247Security Inc. & Partners, please follow this link: Free Training Program: Danger Zones

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Arkansas and 247Security team up against stop arm runners"

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Flashing lights, reflectors, and stop signs are all standard features on school buses. Each element is designed to let drivers know a bus is stopping and children will be crossing. Many drivers do not heed the warning. To help encourage people to stop some school buses in Paragould are now equipped with cameras on the outside catching drivers as they pass by.

"We've had a couple trouble spots with cars going around stopped school buses," said Richard Shelby, Deputy Superintendent for the Paragould School District.

One trouble spot is Baldwin Elementary before and after school. In fact on Friday afternoon we caught a car as it went past a school bus with the stop arm out.

"When those arms are out all traffic forward and backward must stop by state law," said Shelby.

Shelby said each of their 30 school buses have at least three cameras installed if not more. A few of the buses have an extra camera that will make a big difference.

"Those cameras have the capability on the outside of getting license plate numbers, which we're required by law to turn those instances in to police," said Shelby.

It may look like just another piece of the bus but a yellow bump on the side is actually a video camera. The cameras have only been in place for a few weeks and they already have footage of drivers passing buses!

Excerpt from "Cameras on the outside of buses catch passing drivers"

Posted: Mar 05, 2010 7:52 PM EST, By Brandi Hodges

You can find the original article HERE: "Cameras on the outside of buses catch passing drivers"

"NAPT Products Showcase"

Here’s a look at the latest in pupil transportation products that were on view at the NAPT trade show... New technologies included high-intensity LED warning lights; and a browser-based fleet maintenance system from 247Security Inc.

You can find the original article HERE: NAPT-Technology-Showcase